3M Fall-Pro Comprehensive

Duration: 7 Hours 

Price: $225.00 + $11.25 GST : $236.25 / Per Person 

Course Description

Every year workers are seriously injured and suffer traumatic results of a fall from height. Workers need to recognize the hazards and understand the options available to eliminate and control these hazards. The methods we choose to protect ourselves at height can vary in different situations. Along with the general principles of working at height, this one day course also covers common fall protection systems, providing knowledge on selection, setup, and usage. A variety of instructional techniques, including challenge questions, workbook exercises, and practical learning applications that will be used to educate course participants. The curriculum will cover proper pre-use inspection, harness donning, system selections and system setup. This course is suited for those who perform work duties at height and are responsible for selection and utilizing the appropriate system components. The course material will provide students with an engaging and enjoyable learning environment. 

Course Overview

  • Fall Hazard Identification
  • Fundamentals Of Working At Heights 
  • Fall Protection Oversight
  • Passive Systems 
  • Administrative Controls 
  • Fall Arrest System Components 
  • Harness Donning & Inspections
  • Equipment Care 
  • Rescue Requirements
  • System Selection And Setup
  • Private Classes Available Upon Request 



Ask yourself the following questions…

1. We recommend that you take the 8 hour course ATLEAST once.  

2. If you are required to set up your own fall protection systems we recommend you take the 8 hour course. 

3. If you do not know the difference between a non-engineered and engineered anchor point we recommend you take the 8 hour course. 

4. If you are responsible for others working at heights we recommend you take the 8 hour course. 


No, all course materials are supplied. 

PPE is not required, however all attendees much have closed toed shoes at minimum. 

Yes, we encourage participants to bring their own fall arrest equipment to class to ensure proper fit. This also allows for onsite inspection. 

Fall protection no longer requires recertification. Participants are expected to re-take the course after a 3 year period.

The 4 hour program us designed for passive systems such as guardrails, AWP, scissor lift, or engineered tie off points. The 8 hour is designed for those assembling their own fall protection systems. 

Yes, participants are walked through the bumping and calibration process. Atmospheric testing is also covered during the course. 

All courses require payment in advance to secure a spot. Payments can be made out to Canada Safety, credit, debit, or cash.